Thursday, July 9, 2009

tri training: the cram sessions

So here's the deal, I'm totally over ambitious. I sign up for stuff that is way outta my league. After a two month layoff post 3m I signed up for a 30km trail race, before attending a single day of training group. After 3 months of trail running ended I signed up for a triathlon, leaving me 1 month to train. June 21 to July 19 ... no problemo!

I'm in great shape from trail season. I feel the best I've felt since starting weight watchers and seriously workin out. So now to the bike. My first ride was super. I hopped on the bike and zipped around my commuting loop. My next attempt at the bike didn't go so well, I rode with the Austin Flyers Cycling team on their "easy" "recovery" ride. It kicked my ass. I barfed. Had to drop back. It was like 103 out, so I'm a little embarrassed, but not too much. Since then I've been commuting when I can, riding the hills on exposition and balcones to get stronger for my tri AND to show those Austin Flyer girls what an E-unit is made of.

This morning I had a really crappy swim. It filled me with a bunch of doubts. Of course I skipped breakfast (by mistake)and the water was like 90 degrees (ew) but 1000m is really far, and the way my legs felt when I hopped on my bike to ride home... oooof. I have to say I felt better when I did the same 2 x 500m workout (just try to do the second one faster than the first) at deep eddy last week where I hit the a 2:30/100 m pace which is where I'd like to be on race day. But now I'm questioning my lap counting on that one because it was a pretty speedy pool swim for someone who until now has only been swimming (an untimed) 750m a week.

Despite my doubts in the pool and on the bike, I took my run to the streets the other day, you know the one when it was ONLY 93 degrees out, my legs felt amazing. I did my little neighborhood loop 3 minutes faster than ever before, closing in on 10 min miles. Very exciting. My gait was a hot mess for sure. Off the trail, its really weird to just run without hopping over stuff. But my legs were so strong!!! Everyone should do a trail season, it's so much more fun than slogging through weights at the gym. I haven't done a real bric workout yet, it's been too damn hot to set one up, but hopefully saturday I will ride to the greenbelt and get a nice trail run in. Then I will have a good reading on how my race will go.

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